Tuesday, 20 September 2016

National Rum Punch Day- September 20th 2016

Good Morning Foodies, today Tuesday 20th September marks National Rum Punch Day.
Today's celebration is for enjoying rum punch!
 Rum punch is a age old recipe that dates way back. So on National Rum Punch Day; why not have yourself a punch party and try a bowl of rum punch between friends.September starts the holiday season so make sure you keep these recipes in the back of your mind.
Here are today’s five thing to know about Rum:
  • Rum was manufactured, distilled, and made long before any other spirit. It’s history is a vast one filled with stories, and fables. It was the first branded spirit made.
  • Rations of rum were given to sailors in the British Army to be mixed with lime juice because it fought off the scurvy.
  • When wealthy titles were given to parsons, they were thanked with a glass of rum.
  • In Australia, the rum hospital can recognize rum as it as its chief contributor of revenues that were generated via the rum exports they were known for.
  • Triangular trade was introduced as slaves were traded for rum, sugars, and other items that were all carrying missionaries- this was known as ‘rum and bible.’ source-foodimentary.com

Thursday, 15 September 2016

National Double Cheeseburger Day- September 15th

Good Morning Foodies, today 15th September marks National Double Cheeseburger Day, and below are 5 things you should know about double cheeseburgers :-)

  • The oldest fast food restaurant in the world is the White Castle franchise, which opened in 1921.
  • The people of America eat more burgers out at restaurants or on the go than they do at home.
  • The largest hamburger ever created was over 8,000 pounds and was cooked for a burger festival in Wisconsin.
  • However, the hamburger in its current form, with ground beef and a bun, is a decidedly American creation.
  • Hamburgers are made of beef, not ham, and there is much debate over whether they actually originated in Hamburg.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

International Chocolate Day- September 13th 2016

Happy Tuesday Foodies, today September 13th marks International Chocolate Day :-)

 International Chocolate Day is an observance that occurs in the United States every year on September 13. The U.S. National Confectioners Association has stated that September 13 is the official date for the observance. Celebration of the day includes the consumption of chocolate. The day occurs on the birthday of Milton S. Hershey, an American confectioner, philanthropist, and founder of The Hershey Chocolate Company and the "company town" of Hershey, Pennsylvania.

So wherever you are, make sure you celebrate this glorious day :-)

Monday, 12 September 2016

National Chocolate Ice-cream Day- September 12th 2016

Morning Foodies and Happy Monday; hope you all had a great weekend and looking forward to the week ahead?

Not to worry, if you are in the UK; I've got some great news for you :-) This week might be the warmest September in decades with a roaring high temperature of over 31degrees in most parts of the UK hahahaha :-)

Anyways today 12th September is marked as National Chocolate Milkshake Day, here are a few facts about Milkshake-

  1. Milkshakes got their name from being served in bars. If the customer enjoyed the milkshake, he shook hands with the bartender. If not, the bartender didn’t get a tip.
  2. Malted milk powder was invented in 1897 by James and William Horlick, but it was Ivar Coulson, a soda jerk for a Walgreen’s drug store, who first added it to milkshakes in 1922. This created the malted milkshake or just plain “malt.”
  3. Steven Poplawski invented the electric blender in 1922 just for milkshakes. Before that, the effort of shaking them up must have required a lot of upper body motion.
  4. It’d take 3,200,000 average-sized milkshakes to fill up an Olympic-sized pool. How fast do you think Michael Phelps could swim in that?
  5. Australians can still buy traditional milkshakes in “milk bars,” which are much like old-fashioned drugstores with counter service. They’re usually served still in the steel cup, but may be poured into a paper cup for carry out orders. (source-foodimentary.com)

Friday, 9 September 2016

National "I Love Food Day"- September 9th 2016

Good Morning Foodies, Happy Friday and Happy National "I Love Food Day"; this day is actually dedicated to me as I love Food so much :-)

Check out Five things to know about Food:-

  •        Buffets are offered at various places including hotels and many social events.
  •  Sideboards are also known as buffets as they may be used to offer the dishes of a buffet meal to guests.
  • A buffet can also be referred to as a cafeteria, snack bar, counter and smorgasbord.
  • The word buffet comes from Fr bufet “bench, stool, sideboard”, from the 12th century. The definition of buffet was extended to mean a “meal served from a buffet” in 1888.
  • One form of buffet is to have a table filled with plates containing fixed portions of food; customers select plates containing whichever food items they want as they walk along.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

5 Drinks You Should Never Drink

Happy Tuesday Foodies, here's a list of drinks that you should not even dare to drink them and reasons below :-)
Juice- Whether it's "fresh squeezed" or pasteurized and from a carton, juice is a quick way to add calories. How? One cup of orange juice can have as many calories as six oranges (whoa!), as well as sugar. While not all juice is created equal (i.e. fresh squeezed is better than concentrate), an eight ounce glass can set you back about 120 to 150 calories. Instead: Have a piece of fruit with breakfast — the pulp will help fill you up and give you fiber — and drink water with a slice of citrus.
Sugary Coffee Drinks- Frappuccino, Dunkaccino, mochaccino: They're all bursting with sugar and calories — up to 1,000 of them. The only waistline-friendly 'cino worth having is a cappuccino (just espresso and milk). So unless you're actively making a coffee beverage your dessert, avoid sugary syrups, whipped toppings, chocolate shavings, and caramel "drizzles." Plus, though they contain caffeine, you'll feel an extra crash and burn once the sugar high wears off.
Premixed Alcohol Drinks- Premixed cocktails are what I like to call a hangover in a bottle. (Margaritas, daquiris, sour-mix, and pina coladas, I'm looking at you.) Not only do they often include icky preservatives, the added sugar from mixers can make you super thirsty by expediting the dehydration that already happens when you drink booze. Skip the mixers and make your own margs from scratch. Or try my simple favorite: Your spirit-of-choice on the rocks or with club soda
Protein Shakes- Are you an Olympic athlete? If the answer is yes, you can have a pre-made protein shake — only when you're in a pinch! — to meet your energy needs. If you're not, then skip these. Muscle milks and powdered shakes tend to be loaded with sugar and unnecessary nutrients. (And can we agree they taste like Elmer's glue?) A good rule of thumb: Drink your water, eat your protein. Traditional sources like milk, yogurt, eggs, seafood, chicken, and leaf beef are always a better bet


Sports Drink-

If you're not a high-performance athlete, you don't need an electrolyte replacement drink to help you stay fueled and at the top of your game. Your half hour on the elliptical does not warrant a 24 ounce Gatorade-guzzle before you hit the showers. These drinks are designed to help athletes stay energized and appropriately hydrated from the right balance of readily available carbs (sugar) and replete minerals (sodium, potassium, and chloride). They'll add calories, and if you have a sensitive tummy, they may also make you a little nauseous. Stick with water.



Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Best Kitchen Tips that You probably didn't know exist...!!!

Hey guys so I cam across this online and thought to share with my readers; some of these hacks have been shared on my blog previously but the rest will shock you.

These are very useful Kitchen tips to help you :-)

How to get the perfect boiled eggs

1. Place the citrus fruits in the microwave.2. Heat on high for 20-30 seconds.

3. Remove from the microwave. 
4. Leave to sit for about half a minute.
5. Cut the citrus fruit in half and squeeze. The juice will flow easily.

Finger test to check the doneness of Meat

How to determine the freshness of Egg

How to Cook Vegetables correctly
Recycle bottle caps to seal plastic bags

This one is very interesting :-)

Table manners you should know

How to prevent dough stick on hand without flour.

How to slice Cake perfectly

Before you end up with a plate full of big cake crumbs, run a knife under hot water before cutting into the cake.
How to Keep Water From Boiling Over?

When you put a pot of water on, put a wooden spoon over the top of the pot. If it starts to boil up too high, the spoon will pop the bubbles and keep it from boiling over as quickly, meaning you have more time to get back and turn the heat down. 

You could use something metal, but you'd have to remove it with an oven mitt because it will become very hot (unlike wood, which won't transfer as much heat).
I hope you find these tips useful :-)

source- (elite readers facebook)

Thursday, 25 August 2016

National Burger Day August 25th 2016

Today 25th August 2016 marks National Burger Day in the UK. This day occurs every last Thursday in August and restaurants all over the UK offering over 20% off on Burgers today so get EATING :-)

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Foods to Help Eliminate Your Love Handles

Love handles. They plague men just as much as women (whether or not you care to call them that or prefer "spare tire"). Regardless, if you do in fact have the extra poundage hanging around your midsection, take a look at these fat-eliminating foods.

While these foods won’t literally incinerate the fat from your abdominals, they will promote weight loss, and aid in your long-term goals without making you feel deprived. “So many diets are bereft of proper protein,”  Instead, many guys count calories and eat tiny portions of high-sugar foods or juices that actually create a starving sensation, he adds.

The principle behind the selection of these foods is simple: You'll eat real food (Read: not a bunch of bars or shakes) that come from every major food group. “You want 80 percent of what you eat to be raw, whole, plant-deprived foods to support your system and create an optimized environment for health and wellness,Make sure to pick foods packed with protein, fiber, and healthy fats to keep you energized to power through every day and any workout.- source(msn.com)

Leafy greens will provide vital nutrients, cleanse your body, and fill your stomach with healthy fiber and a surprisingly high (pound-for-pound) amount of protein. Seeds and legumes will provide additional satiating plant-based protein to make sure you never have that starving sensation, which causes even valiant men to binge on Twinkies.

Healthy fats from nuts and oils will help you drop the pounds (fat doesn’t make you fat), and keep your hunger at bay from meal to meal. Adding some lean meat into the mix will help build muscle. You want organic, grass-fed meat, and sustainably wild-caught fish. Low-glycemic fruit will cater to your carb and sweets needs, though the craving will diminish drastically after about three days.

You should eat meals every four to six hours and snack very minimally. Snacking, and eating in general, raises insulin levels, which is responsible for storing excess carbs and sugars as fat. Even with the best intentions, you’ll never lose weight if you slack when it comes to snack time. Add these eating principles and food guidelines to your daily diet, and watch that extra weight slip right off your midsection.

Almonds have always been considered an excellent source of healthy fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids, but they’re also a decent plant-based source of protein, with 30 grams of protein per cup," Elkaim says. Aisde from having the most protein of all the tree nuts, almonds are also the highest in fiber, Vitamin E, calcium, niacin and riboflavin. Keep them in your desk or car for easy snacking throughout the day.

Brown rice is staple for vegans and vegetarians because it’s filling and inexpensive. It also contains a good dose of protein (5 grams per cooked cup) and fiber (3.5 grams per cooked cup), which helps reduce blood glucose and blood insulin levels. In a recent study at Harvard University School of Public Health, researchers found that by eating 50 grams of brown rice a day, people can reduce their risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by 16 percent. "Brown rice is also an excellent source of two very important antioxidants, selenium and manganese, which, among other things, prevent free radical damage, attack cancer cells and repair DNA

Kale (My Favourite Vegetable) High in nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and fiber, but low in calories, non-starchy veggies like kale, spinach, and arugula are a great way to add volume to a meal without weighing it down," Cording says. Kale has about 1.5 grams of protein per chopped cup (raw), which isn’t a ton, but you can have it be the base of your salads, toss it into smoothies and greens drinks, add it to soups, or sauté it as a side dish to add a punch of nutrients. In fact, the nutrient profile of kale is enough reason to make the veggie a focal point of your diet. It has double the amount of vitamin C as oranges (120 mg), a healthy dose of vitamin A (which helps protect your eyes), is high in beta carotene, vitamin K, and calcium, too.

Coconut oil is readily used by the body as an energy source. It's a heart-healthy fat that's been shown to improve cholesterol profiles, reduce inflammation, and rev metabolism, too. Not sure how to incorporate it into your diet? Elkaim suggests adding 1-3 tablespoons of coconut oil into your morning tea, or melting it over salmon with a bit of garlic. It's easy to cook with (because of its high smoking point) and you’ll enjoy powerful antiviral and antibacterial benefits, as well. (Plus, if you add it to rice when you cook it, you'll cut calories by up to 60 percent!

Avocados are the ideal healthy fat because they "keep you full by slowing down digestion.What's more, the fruit is packed with potassium, which fights bloating, so all that hard work you've done on your abs will show. "Avocadoes have about 14 grams of healthy fat per half a fruit, so they’ll increase your post-snack satiation (meaning you’ll be likely to eat less at the next meal), and on top of its good-for-you fats, avocado consumption actually aids in the absorption of vital nutrients when eaten with other fruits and veggies. Just be careful not to go overboard—even healthy foods can pack on the pounds if you're not careful. 

I didn't know this until I came across this online, Red palm oil comes from the palm tree family (just like coconut oil), only it's thicker in consistency, has an earthier taste, and actually contains the highest amount of vitamins A and E of any plant-based oil. "Blend it into your morning smoothie, or melt it over meat to get satiating fats, tons of Vitamin E, and heart-protective benefits, which will fuel lifelong.

Chicken- Protein helps you stay satisfied and helps your body build and repair muscle tissue to get you looking lean," Cording says. Chicken is especially important if you're trying to drop your love handles and build muscle because it has all the essential amino acids your body needs.

Monday, 22 August 2016

World Jollof Rice Day- August 22nd 2016

Good Monday Morning Foodies, it's my Birthday today and today also marks World Jollof Rice day.

Jollof Rice is my favourite Nigerian Food so I'm definately going to be double celebrating today..

No Nigerian party is complete without Jollof rice, so wherever you are take this jollof rice and celebrate with me as it also happens to be my favourite Naija food :-)

Wherever you are, make sure you celebrate with me :-)

Leran easy steps to cook Jollof here-